Pattern and Texture: Lexi Day


This is a photo of leaves placed together by Erol Ahmed taken from Unsplash

A pattern is something that is repeating, while also being made of shapes, lines, and other planes. It usually isn’t a “loud” photo, as the pattern needs to be able to be understood by the person looking at it. To demonstrate this, I chose a photo of some leaves that have a clear pattern of cured lines around the edges, and straight lines in the middle of the leaves. Each leaf is a shape, and with repetition it becomes a pattern together with the curved lines going over each other, and the leaves all being roughly the same. The color pattern adds as well, since there is a distinct pattern of that deep green in all of the leaves.


A texture is something that can be both in an image or in the psychical world. The image of it is made up of a plane and depth, that the person looking can understand what it


Blue painted brick wall by Patrick Tomasso, downloaded from Unsplash

would feel like, and whether it would be something soft and light, or hard and rough. For my image, I chose this  photo of a painted brick wall. It should convey the knowledge that if the image were in front of a person in real life, it would be hard and rough and probably cold, as the brick is located outside. The paint also conveys another, more flaky texture over the uneven brick. You can easily see the grooves, adding a more 3-dimensional look to the texture photo of brick.


This last photo is a mix between both texture and pattern, and how they work together


Colorful soap sitting together by Steve Huntington, downloaded from Unsplash

to help the viewer perceive the image better.  The image is made of lines from the soap all put together, and those lines come together to have the image create a patterned design. The change of color in the photo add to the pattern as well, as it is a clean line straight through the focal point of the soap. The texture is very apparent as well, as the image gives off a chalky appearance because of the loose powder included in the image. Both the pattern and texture here come together to inform the reader that the psychical attributes of the image are a rounded star design, and that it would leave a powdery finish.


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