Pattern and Texture: Ana Giles

“Rapid Pattern” by Jon Olav Eikenes. This image shows texture.

Texture to me is what is showcased in an image that makes your brain feel like you could feel the image even if it is on a single, flat, plane. This image is a good example of texture because of the airy, open pockets that are featured throughout. You can see there are multiple layers to the pockets, all intertwining at different points that show depth, and thus increase the texture of the image rather than having one layer. Even by looking at the image, you can get a sense of what it would feel like if you were to run your hands over it.

To me, point is the place in which an image clearly starts, begins, or has it’s own space that is specific to the image. Line to me is when different points join together to create a line that your eye follows, or can be an actual line that draws your eye. Plane to me is the larger, flat surfaces that either are coherent together or flat that section off different parts of an image in large areas. Volume to me is when an image clearly shows depth and allows your eyes to see that the image does have layers to it, even if it is a flat image. This second image shows point, line, and plane. Each of the diamonds can be viewed as a point, but together they create lines going both horizontally and vertically. You can also see the different planes that are featured as each of the diamond sets change color going from blue to pink to white. There is also volume visible in the image because you can tell, especially in the center of the image where the pink diamonds are, that the diamonds are not all flush with each other, but that some of them are slightly raised or lowered in relation to the others.

Image by Sam Cox. This photo features point, line, plane, and volume

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