Pattern and Texture- Aaché Howard-McDaniel

This is a photo of a table mat we have on our kitchen table. I took this image myself.

Pattern to me can be a repeated design, symbol, picture, sequence etc. An example of pattern could be polka dots, photos on like wrapping paper, a pattern of numbers, or other designs. While the texture is the appearance of how something might feel. It could also give you a sense of consistency. Texture is something you can feel and also see (physical and virtual). In the photo of the table mat, you can see that there are two different styles of the pattern. There are big, small, white, yellow, and hot pink flowers all repeated throughout this design. The shading of the leaves around the flowers gives the image a sense of texture in my opinion. Aside from the contrasting colors, the shading also shows the difference between the flower petals and the leaves. In the middle of the flowers, there are points, these points bring volume to the image. The border lines make two separate planes. You have the outside of the border which is one plane, and designs on the inside that makes the second. The border also gives the table mat direction of how the mat should be set on the table. I tested this by turning the table mat vertical, and it did not give me the same image, it looked out of place. Emphasis was added to the design with the flowers being all different colors and sizes. The bigger, hot pink flowers stand out more than the smaller hot pink flowers, the smaller yellow flowers stand out more than the small white ones, and so on. When I looked at the image after realizing the emphasis, it seemed as if the bigger flowers were popping out of the image, how the flowers were spaced also added to that effect. The spacing also gives the image volume.

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