Final Reflection: Tavia Hall

After looking at my classmates’ final menu design, I originally wanted to compare and contrast something that was similar to mine. Then I realized it would be more convenient to compare and contrast a menu design that was significantly different than mines. I decided to use Camille Oppedal’s menu design because she included some elements that I didn’t have. In the reading “Grapic Design The New Basics” by Ellen Lupton, and Jennifer Cole Phillips they mention the importance of hierarchy. Hierarchy is basically the order of what is to come first, middle and or last (Lupton & Phillips, 2008). The visual hierarchy is clear, each of these designs have recognizable titles, subtitles, categories, descriptions, sections, subsections; and so on, to help distinguish from one section from another. There’s awkward spaces happening on the back of my menu design and it wasn’t really balancing out in terms of spacing and alignment. Something that Camille did was add pictures which balanced out the menu design overall. The pictures that Camille used weren’t just random pictures, but pictures that correlated with the restaurant. She had a visual representation of the fireplace; which was located in the dining area of the restaurant. She also had a visual representation of beers, a hops plant and barrels of beer; which correlated with the company’s name “Paradise Creek Brewery”. I noticed that she didn’t use the original logo that the company provided on their website. Instead, she created her own type of logo using different fonts, adding extra elements and positioning things differently. I didn’t use the same logo that’s now on the official Paradise Creek Brewery menu today. I used their black and white logothat I found on their website. I knew that I would be limited to certain fonts based off this logo, but I was fine with that since I felt like the fonts that I used worked well together. This logo contained serif fonts; in which I also chose to use similar serif fonts in my design. I feel like both of these designs are stylistically appropriate because everything works together and balances out. There isn’t too much going on, and the fonts are easy to read. The designs present the company well; based off my visit to the restaurant. In my design, the colors I used were black and white; black being the main color. I used texture by incorporating a wooden background for the menu. There was a pattern going on just based off the placement of things and under the category titles I used these triangular shapes. Camille used graphics as a way to help incorporate texture and pattern in her design. She also used black and white, but white was the main color. Some things that I think that I could improve on with my design is spacing, and more usage of graphic elements. I think that if I spaced out more things and aligned them differently, then my menu design would look way much better. It looks sort of too spaced out causing it to look like I was just making up for the extra space that I had. Since that was the case, I should’ve decreased the dimensions so that it doesn’t looked spaced out in an awkward way. I’m so glad that I printed out my menu at Cougar Copies because I would’ve been stuck with just plain printing paper from the AML. I honestly didn’t even think to go over and beyond and find other textured papers to use when printing out my design. I believe that Camille’s choice of paper was good, I’m not sure if that was her original plan to use that paper or to have that size, but it worked out perfectly.

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