Final Reflection: Sulaiman Ambusaidi

This menu design made by Kim Conway.

This menu design made by Sulaiman Ambusaidi.

This menu design made by Sulaiman Ambusaidi.


I am comparing my menu design with Kim Conway’s menu. Kim’s menu is very well organized and it is well balanced. When I saw it the first time, my eyes started to scan from the top to the bottom. She uses the bold blue text to represent each section which are the headers of the menu. Then, the contents of each section is organized by red text and under it the description of the order. The hierarchy is well used in this menu and the color is also making the hierarchy clear and easy to read. The fonts are all working very well because they are all serif fonts. The font makes the menu very easy to read.

On the other hand, my menu is also having a good hierarchy by using bold text. That makes it very easy to navigate thru the menu. The fonts are also serif in my menu so they are all working very well in the design. However, the style of my menu is much different from Kim’s menu. My style is like a book but Kim’s style is one page menu. Both styles are very well used in both menus.

The visual style of Kim’s menu is appealing and simple. This works very well with this type of menu. The drawing under the sides section is filling an empty space and it is well used in place. The colors of Kim’s menu is working very will with the background and they are also used to make hierarchy in the menu. On the other hand, my menu is less appealing because it is all dark. However, the contrast is very well because the background is dark and the text is bright. This makes it easy to read. Kim’s menu did not have a clear texture or pattern. However, my menu does have a background texture that makes the menu looks old.

Kim’s menu presented with one tall paper. It is nice to use one face on a menu but some times it gets too long like this menu. I think her menu need to make it little short so it will be easier to hold. Comparing to my menu, it has a very good size and it is much easier to hold in hand. The book style gives me more space to add contents to my menu and also it allows me to use bigger fonts for people who have eyes problems.

The strength for Kim’s menu is on the use of color for the hierarchy. It makes it much easier to navigate thru. Also, the use of light background makes it more appealing that my menu. The strength of my menu is on the menu style which is the book style. This style helps the customers hold the menu very easily. The other strength is on the size of the text. Using large text in the menu is very important because not all people have the same vision some of them cannot read the small text.

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