Final Reflection: Joshua Yi

Whitney’s menu

My menu

The menu I decided to compare and contrast to mine was Whitney’s menu because the contrast was visually apparent to her menu design compared to mine.  In addition, her menu was visually striking and pleasing.

In describing the visual hierarchy, both menu provides a clear and cut way of coming down from the top of the menu to the bottom.  The hierarchy in my menu is done through font size and the color establishment.  Whitney’s has a more distinct hierarchy that is apparent in how she separate her items.  Her menu is designed in a way that is done through several papers that divides each item into their category.  The title of the items are at the bottom so that flap acts as dividers between each category of items.  When opened, the item is organized from top to bottom and the description of the item is in smaller font compared to the dish.  This is also the same in my menu design where the food item is more bold and the descriptions are written in a lighter font color.

I was going for a more modern design of the menu so I chose a contemporary fonts called ADAM.GG and MOON while Whitney’s design incorporates more rustic style of typeface.  Her choice fits that rugged look her paper and the menu gives off while the modern style fits my design of the menu.

In comparison to the establishment where the location itself is more rustic, Whitney’s menu suits the style better as a pub and a brewery.  I, however, wanted to has a more progressive look to the menu that could benefit their establishment

In describing the color, pattern, and texture, Whitney’s design has more complex features.  Her paper that she chose to make her menu is more textile.  It has more personality and the feel of it feels like it has more substance.  Also, using multiple pieces of paper aids to the overall weight to the menu itself.  I simply used a printer paper because it was what I had to work with but the elements to give it meaning are all present.  In terms of color, because I used an image, the menu itself was more colorful.

In terms of text, I’ve used a combination of four colors in total; white, gray, black, and red.  Compared to my colorful elements, Whitney’s menu was more simple in color.  Mostly the paper was either white or the cover and the back was brown, a good indicator of like a wooden texture.  The colorful aspect of my menu makes the menu more pop and adds to the flavor of the vibrancy I wanted to take my design.  Whitney’s simple and dull colors add to the rustic feel she was going for as well.

The strengths of my menu is the vibrant colors that is pleasant to look at.  It falls short on its design elements where everything is very cramped.  The alignment and the proximity of my menu is very close together but that was intentional so I keep the menu short and simple.  Whitney’s design excels in the elegance feel that the paper’s texture gives and adds to the overall theme of the rustic brewery.


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