Final Reflection: Joshua An


The Front and Back Cover of my Menu

Menu Items

The inside of the folded menu.


David Czyzewicz’s Menu


One of the menus that really caught me attention was David Czyzewicz’s menu. I like the little illustration in the top left corner of the menu.

When I first looked at the menu, my eye scanned it from top to bottom, which was most likely the way that David intended it to be. The menu has excellent hierarchy. I also used similar hierarchy styles when making my menu. I believe we both use hierarchy well to show which words are more important and lead the viewer’s eye from top to bottom.

The font in David’s menu is the same throughout the entire menu. There are some things on the menu that are in bold. The names of each menu item, the name of the restaurant, and the prices are in bold. The font on my menu is a little different. I use two different fonts. I had one with sans serif and one with serif. I used serif on the things on the menu I thought were more important. For example, the names of the menu items, the item categories, and the name of the restaurant. I used sans serif for the prices and the descriptions of the food items.

I believe the overall style of David’s menu is appropriate for the Paradise Creek Brewery. However, I believe this style of menu would work for almost any restaurant. The brewery graphic in the corner is a very nice touch, but if the graphic changes, it could apply to almost anything. The case is different for my menu. The cover of my menu has a photo that matches the brewery theme. The inside of the menu has a flat wooden background. A menu with that style would not fit with a lot of other restaurants.

Color does not play an overwhelming role in David’s menu. I do like how his menu is consistently colorless. It would be distracting if the graphics had colors on them. His menu also has a slight pattern in the background. It is barely noticeable and it is all behind the text. The pattern is not distracting and it is definitely great to have it there instead of just blank paper.

David’s menu fits on a single 8.5” by 11” paper and my menu uses a 17” by 11” paper. David’s menu uses only one side of the paper and my menu uses both sides. I like the way I folded my menu into a little booklet. I am glad that I put a design on the back cover even though that page has no information on it. It would have been horribly inconsistent if the page were blank. I believe the size and type is appropriate for both of our menus.

Overall, I believe my menu suits the type of restaurant well. The brewery cover and the wood background is suppose to mimic a bar’s wood. I even used Photoshop to try and get a warm color. David’s menu is a little more basic. I would not say it is generic because it is a nice menu. However, I feel like David’s menu can be used for most restaurants while mine is more uniquely tailored.

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