Menu Design: Zach Prybell

Print Brothers Menu

Pint Brothers Menu (Wood)

Pint Brothers Menu (Steel)

The menu I picked from the blog “Art of the Menu” is from a restaurant named Pint Brothers Alehouse in Denver Colorado, the Menu was designed by Melissa Wehrman. I think that this menu has a very well thought out and successful visual hierarchy. One thing that it successfully does is have the tittle of the different sections like Soup and Salad, Sandwiches, and Main Meals in a larger bolder different font that draws the eyes to make it easy to find the section wanted. Then off of that you can read the options that are in the sections below the title in a smaller more basic typeface which shows great visual hierarchy. Something else this menu does well is use a combination of vertical and horizontal lines to make a grid for each section of the menu. This makes it very easy to see what food items are in which categories and keeps all the text in the section cut off from other text so it is much easier to read. I also personally like the contrast of the wood and steel menus, I think they are the perfect color and style to go together.

The Paradise Creek menu is a very different style menu than the Pint Brothers’, Paradise Creek’s menu has much less order it seems, and the hierarchy isn’t really there. For example on the Appetizers page the boldest biggest text is the “pub pretzel” which is the third item down the list, this doesn’t make much sense to me because one I feel that the appetizers heading should be the most eye drawing text on the page and second I feel that if you want to single out the pub pretzel with a larger bolder text then it should also be the first thing listed. The second page has much of the same hierarchy issues that the first page does, but this page does make one thing really easy to see which is the sides that a meal comes with, they are in the box in the middle which makes it very easy to find and I think that works well with the rest of the menu. However overall I think this menu has a lot of disorder and lack of a visual hierarchy because of all the change in text size and boldness, to be a successful menu I think this needs a fair amount of redesigning.

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