Menu Design: Rachel Bigler


this is the menu for “Gruner Micheel” in Leongerg, Germany found on “Art of The Menu” on

This is the inside of the menu for “Gruner Micheel” in Leongerg, Germany found on “Art of The Menu” on

The menu that I chose to analyze using the reading on hierarchy is the menu for “Gruner Michel” in Leonberg, Germany. I felt this was a good example of hierarchy because of the way the colors contrast. The dark black color of the text and decorative elements makes it stand out from the background giving it hierarchy over the rest of the image. It also makes those element seem to have the most importance, which they do and is why they have hierarchy.

This menus is also a good example of Typography being used in an organic manner and looks to be a custom typeface. The text itself shows hierarchy as well in the font sizes. The most important things are bigger and the less important things are smaller in size. This also shows the design element of emphasis because the titles on the menu are more emphasized then the actual names of the dishes that the restaurant serves. 

When looking at the the “Paradise Creek” menu first off is not very unified. Too many things seem to be trying to be emphasized and have dominance over the other so it comes off as very cluttered. There is no real hierarchy except for the black text being more forward then the white background, which is just like the “Gruner Micheel” menu. But the “Gruner Micheel” menu is more successful in it hierarchy because it is clear that there is an order of importance of information. And its elements are unified, and there is a hierarchy to the content and the way it is presented so that it is easier to understand. The “Paradise Creek” menu is to chaotic and needs the element that are similar to each other, like the prices, to all have similar fonts and sizes so that not everything is competing for the viewers attention. Like when you look at the “Guner Micheel” menu you know that the type of food (what category the food falls under) is the most important because it is bold and big and catches your eye first. with the “Paradise Creek” menu everything is trying to catch your eye first so you don’t know what their message is and its confusing. It also says something that I don’t even speak German and I can understand the “Guner Micheel” menu more than I can understand the “Paradise Creek” menu which is in English. I will say that the categories on the menu have the same font and size which helps when reading it but they do not stand out at all so you have to really search for them and all the sections kind of just mesh together.

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