Menu Design: Katrina Bittner

The menu that I chose to write about is for The Alembic in San Francisco, CA designed by nothing : something. I chose this menu because I like how it features various different fonts that draw attention to different parts of the menu. The bold, flourishing font that differs from the rest while it simotaniously draws the viewers eye to it as a header. Variations in size of this bolder text, suggests the hierarchal importance. The menu itself, is sealed within a heavy steel housing. Each page of the menu features different types of hierarchy and grids. The menus on the far left follow a continuous flow of text, with centered paragraphs and bold titles suggesting the order the menu should be read in. These two pages have one column, while others have two or more. The dessert page feels as though it should be a separate menu on its own, with a large title in the center and graphics below it almost looks like a cover. The menu is visually interesting because it is so random, and varies in font, font size, and color. The color palette is warm, lacking any cool or contrasting colors. The only similarities between the different pages is the padding at the top of the menu and the title of the restaurant.

The Paradise creek menu has quite a few similarities as far as design and how it can be distracting from the items the restaurant is selling. Both menus feature many different fonts, which does not offer unity and can feel chaotic. The paradise creek menu feels hard to look at because almost every item on the menu is designed with a different font, and the columns are all out of whack. It feels like a grid was not used properly, and even though the menu below seems a bit chaotic as well, it is clear that a grid was used. The Paradise creek menu is successful in the way that it is eccentric and seems to fit with the theme of the restaurant. It can be improved by changing the order of the items on the menu, and using one to three fonts to keep the menu unified in appearance.

Alembic Bar and Restaurant

Menu for Alembic bar and restaurant in San Francisco, CA. Designed by nothing : something. Source:

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