Menu Design: Evan Taylor

Kittyhawk Menu by Gemma Warriner

Kittyhawk Menu by Gemma WarrinerThe KITTYHAWK

Sydney, Australia

This Bar is inspired by a world war two fighter aircraft and is very apparent throughout the design of the menu. The font is similar to a typewriter of that time period. The menu is on a simple grid that resembles a diagram book or a parts manual used by the military. It includes diagrams on how the drinks are made, the price, and ingredients of each. The hierarchy is separated by each category of drinks and uses a large fancier bold font that labels each at the top of the page. A successful design the menu is pretty simple and easy to read while still resembling a 1940s world war two design.

I Like the use of different fonts for this menu but at the same time, it doesn’t seem to follow a typical hierarchy design. The first thing I notice is “PUB PRETZEL” in bold black font followed by “Fried mozzarella” and just seems random. I’m drawn to look all over the menu because of the drastic different use of font types.  also, I could easily miss a menu item that has a smaller more subtle font. This could be more successful in my opinion if the bold fonts were used at the top and gradually changed as they go down the menu.



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