Menu Design: Lloyd Proctor

The Tiller menu design that I chose exemplifies good hierarchy because there are clear priorities in the design starting with the the T logo on bold large text at the top and large text with the date following the logo. The menu as it continues gets a centered alignment and narrow position on the page. This continuous as you continue down the menu to the bottom with the most important information at the top and the least important and less likely to be ordered items like beverages and beers. These have less priority because they bring less profit and are not as popular.

The Paradise Creek menu design is very different and has a lot more text. This menus hierarchy is much more difficult to distinguish because the size of the text is not at its largest point at the top and smaller as you move down the menu page. The text size and spacing is a little random and if I were to read the menu based on traditional hierarchy methods, I would ready the menu in a choppy manor. The menu took up the space on the page well and had good alignment for the viewer to digest and grasp the information. The different font types helped divide the information so that each section seemed like it was specifically its own based on the different items. The two menus are very different, the Tiller menu prioritizes traditional hierarchy characteristics with the large bold text at the top and smaller text that is less important at the bottom, but the Paradise Creek menu disregards tradition and chooses to place different text sizes and fonts throughout while also determining which is important based on what the customer wants.


Tiller Menu

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