Menu Design: Kira Norman

For my menu design, I chose to look at the Salionas design. It makes great use of typography and the spacing of the menu is minimal within each individual section, but any vertical breaks between columns is large and defined. The type used in the menu also resembles that of a classic newspaper.  The hierarchy of the menu takes time to section off the menu based on the type of cocktail drink they want to try. They are also separated using a numbered system as well. You can also see that some of the sections are separated by images as well, all having to do with the section below them. Since the menu is entirely composed of different kinds of drinks, I believe the hierarchy is appropriate for this kind of menu. The separation is based more on taste rather than ranking them based on what order the meals come in or by house favorites. The text is written in a rather small font but the menu titles are large and defined.

This differs from the Paradise Creek Brewery menu we looked at, which is definitely separated based on the order of the meals. We see this with the Appetizers section appearing first.  I do think that the hierarchy falls into a bit of a mess on the second page, with some of the menu options feeling more like sides than their own meal. Compared to the first menu design, I feel like it could have been a much stronger design if the sections didn’t have parts of it blocked off at the top or bottom for no reason. I do like that the sides menu is in between the other two, showing that it can be applied to either side of the menu. Overall, I think the men u is functional, but could be heavily improved on.

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