Menu Design: Whitney Demarest


I think that this menu, The Faversham from Leeds, UK is both visually intriguing, and well organized. The hierarchy is not only represented in the main menu, but also in the call out pages. The first red call out page uses color to grab your attention, and lists the specials from the menu that the restaurant wants you to pay special attention to. The main menu is split into two columns. The separation of columns, and space used keeps the reader intrigued, and looking at the page for longer. The two columns is a better strategy than listing everything in one long chunk of text. The different sections on the menu have titles like sides, appetizers, and main dishes because this is the hierarchy that a reader would most commonly look for the items in. The menu utilizes a bold sans serif, and a regular sans serif type which emphasizes the clean and modern feel of the menu. The menu uses an ample amount of white space, which makes it more interested to look at, and more “user friendly”.

The Faversham

The Faversham Menu – Leeds, UK

The Faversham Menu – Leeds, UK

Overall, I think that the menu above is more visually pleasing than the menu from Paradise Creek Brewery. The two menus share a similar hierarchy, listing appetizers, burgers, and entrees, which makes it easy to navigate. The font used for the Paradise Creek menu vary’s for almost every item on the menu, and leaves the reader distracted. The type is also a lot larger than the Faversham menu, which cause you to have to flip back and forth from several pages rather than just being able to look at one page. I dont think there is anything successful about the Paradise Creek menu. It is hard to read, and uses white space in a poor way.

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