Menu Design: Sophie Stoltman

I choose a menu designed by Re for Bare Witness, in Sydney Australia. I picked this menu because I loved the color contrast and the simplicity of the design with the use of negative space. The designer used contrasting weight, spatial intervals, and scale to enforce hierarchy of the menu. Each dish is put into different categories for appetizers, drinks and major menu entrees. This menu design keeps things simple with all lowercase and the same font. Scale and weight single out the different categories and spatial alignment connects prices to dishes. The universal theme of the menu is said to be clean and simple connecting the name “Bare” and the reflecting the clean ingredients the restaurant uses.

Personally, I prefer the Bare Witness menu to the Paradise Creek one. I think that this menu has too many different fonts, making it hard to identify what is what. For example, the Appetizers label is about the same size as all the appetizer options. The contrasting weight of the Pub Pretzel is confusing. My eyes go straight to that part of the menu. One thing that I liked about this menu is that the descriptions of each item is smaller than the item title. The contrasting size and fonts make it easy to know what description goes with each item.  Another thing I like is the sides section. I think it does a good job of breaking up the page and making new sections of the menu.

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