Menu Design: Riley Cagle

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 12.49.05 AM

Menu for Joseph’s Pizza in Jacksonville, FL

This menu stands out in a number of different ways towards the menu’s hierarchy. For one, the menu headlines are the first thing that grabs the eye. It’s large size and different, bold font make the menu really stand out, along with the use of color differing from each menu. The bright colors really contrast the white background. Then the logo typeface is another very different font and curved architecture, which makes the title of the restaurant stand out. As the menu goes down, the menu is split into different sub-headers, defining the different themes of meals. Then the menu item goes slightly down in font size, and the description of the menu item goes even further down in size, establishing a strict hierarchy within the menu. The menu is very angular and box-like, creating a very organized style of the menu.

The Paradise Creek menu thrives in many ways, but in my opinion, fails in many too. The menu strives to be different and defies many basic styles. Each piece in the menu differs drastically in size and font style, creating a different visual experience for each menu item. It still catches the eye towards different headlines and sub-headers, but can be straining to read for some. The larger and more wild headers tend to overshadow the smaller and more simplistic styles, possibly causing the readers to skip over sections accidentally. A positive of the menu though, is the fun vibe it puts out due to the wacky style and fonts. This can create a disorganized and style, which differs strongly to the first menu I talked about, which was much more organized and easily navigated. The two menus are very different, but each work in their own way. One is more fun to read and creative, while the first one is more organized and easy to read and navigate.

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