Menu Design: Joshua Yi

Cupcake Royle 

The menu I chose to highlight it’s design and visual hierarchy is actually a restaurant that I’ve been to, Cupcake Royale.  I think this menu is really successful at using contrast of colors and scale.  Each category of food items are in separate typeface, distinctly separating what types of items they are.  The prices are written in constant color and type throughout the whole menu, which allows the customer to easily pin point out the important information.  The variety and intensity of the colors are very minimal in design where it only uses three colors; black, pink and white throughout the entire menu.  However the placement and the usage of each color is distinct in their usage.  The intensity of the colors also differs. The description is each item is less bold then the items themselves, making it easy for the eyes to follow each category.  The spacing of each items are close to fit the vast array of selections, but done in a manner where it’s not overwhelming.

Paradise Creek Brewery 

This menu on the other hand is more simple in its hierarchy where the placement of each item is under a category that covers a whole page in a list.  Each item differs in their scale, size, and value but follows similar spacing and color.   Unlike my previous menu, the type is larger in design where each category takes the entire space.  I think this level of size is successful in appealing to older customers who might have trouble in reading smaller fonts.  Also, although it lacks color, the style of lettering really makes each dish stand out from each other.  I do however think this menu is really dull.  The lack of color really flattens out the contrast of menu overall.

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