Alphabet Design Proposal: Zach Prybell

The text source I chose as inspiration for my typeface is book series I read as a child called the “Spiderwick Chronicles” by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi. This is a fictional story line that fallows three siblings through a series of events dealing with mystical beings good and bad. The books are fairly eerie and have a dark feeling to them while still being a book for a young crowd. I want to use this book because I want my typeface to be made out of fallen tree branches which especially paired with this time of year have a creepy and eerie feeling to them. Although the text is based on something material I would prefer to just use it as inspiration and actually used illustrator to create this typeface. I want to do this because I don’t think it will turn out well if I have to scan in sticks and twigs, and in illustrator I can make vector images that are easily editable. The rules I want to use for the typeface are along the line of creating six to eight different “branches” that I will craft my alphabet out of, combining them in different way to create each letter. Another rule I would like to fallow is have it look like the branches are tied together instead of just laid over each other. I also want to have each letter have some sort of fork in a branch that is easy to see, kind of representing a serif. Like I said earlier I would like to use illustrator for this project because I think it would be the best platform to create the design and feel I want to with my typeface. I sketched a few letters that are along the lines of what I want to do and have different aspects and variations to them that I could expand on once I finalize which one I want to make my entire typeface out of.

Sketch of Typeface

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