Alphabet Design Proposal: Lloyd Proctor

The text source that I am using as my source of inspiration is a monastic free font text created by a contemporary graphic designer. The text was created for fashion and artistic purposes. When I looked at the design it made me think of photography and high fashion, as well as magazine covers. Me being a photographer and seeing what I saw in the font inspired me. It made me visualize different photos that I have seen and loved, also the type of photos that I would like to take and have the font associated to the images themselves. The text is sexy, clean, artistic and contemporary. The artistic inspiration that I got from seeing the text and how I could use it is what made me choose it. I think that readers feel the same way, but they depict themselves or thinks that they like through the text rather then how they could use it to create something else. The image inspires visual excellence and I think it will allow the viewer to think of something artistic and fashionable when the see the text the way that I did.


My design will be modular, this is because the design that I want and construction of the text is very digital rigid, there are no organic elements in the design that I have in mind so I will not require scans of materials. The rules that I have for my text design are simplistic. I will focus the weight of the letters or thicker lines on one side of the image and have the other side be very light and thin, but I want the thick and thin sides of the text to be consistent across each letter the same.  To do this I will be using adobe illustrator and photo shop. These tools will allow me to manipulate the designs that I want or create new elements in the design using the pen tool or fill for the thick ends of the letters. Vector based editing software will be my focus especially with the features that illustrator has to offer. This will allow me to manipulate the proportions and size as I please without needing to consider the amount of pixels I may or may not have. This freedom will make creating the letter design much easier and more convenient, while also giving me the sharp angles that I am looking for. The letter designs will be created using computer graphics only because the inspiration and texture of the image does not require hand made elements.


Monastic Free Font by Saptarshi Nath


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