Alphabet Design Proposal: Patricio Orozco

Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 PS4 Cover. Bandai Namco.

My inspiration for the text I am trying to write comes from a video game cover that I own. The game is Naruto Shippuden ultimate ninja storm 4. The word that is more visible Storm has the type of font I want to use. The way they wrote the word works so well with the title of the game. The reason that I am choosing this text is because it’s one of my favorite fighting game I own. I personally don’t enjoy playing fighting games but this one is a different because it’s based on an anime I watch and enjoyed. I play this with my brother when it first came out to see who is the better player in fighting game which is more likely to be him, I’m not good at these types of games but that didn’t mean that I didn’t enjoyed playing it. I don’t play as much as when it came out but when I do play it it’s still enjoyable. The text itself makes me hyped to play. It will make other feel like the game is action packed which it is.

I plan to do a modular type design because I wasn’t too sure what to pick for a material for the material based design. Another reason is that I will feel like I accomplished slightly more if I do it myself. So, my type will be all caps so I need to set a cap size so all letters look the same in height. I will be doing san-serif, thick strokes, simple design. I will be using a graph paper or a blank sheet paper to do a rough sketch first then transfer it to either Photoshop or illustrator, maybe both. I will use the scanner I have here at home to transfer a better quality of the rough sketches into my computer. Because I’m doing modular I don’t really to use a high-quality scanner to scan. Illustrator will be used to change the scan image into vector graphics for cleaner lines. Photoshop will be used for the poster part of the project.    

About Patricio Orozco

I am 21 years old. I was born in Mexico but came to the United States when I was little to get a better education. I am the youngest in my family as well as being a twin. I am currently studying at WSU! My major in mind is Digital, Technology and Culture, DTC for short. I enjoy playing video games. I am interested in creating my personal drawings either from pencil or digital. I have taken an introductory drawing class at WSU, and that is where I started to get into drawing. I was always been interested in 3D art, or more on the 3D printing designs. What I want to be in the future is digital design or animator.
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