Alphabet Design Proposal: Camille Oppedal

The text I am going to center my typeface project on is from Henry David Thoreau: “The language of friendship is not words but meanings.” This quote is about friendship, and to me, friendship brings back a lot of feelings of sentimentality and heartwarming memories. I really treasure my friendships, and although some of them have faded and ended, some of my closest friends have stayed with me throughout my most formative years despite the geographical space between us. I remember for me, and most of my peers, making friendship bracelets and exchanging them was the modus operandi of showcasing your dedication to your closest companions growing up. In fact, I still have some of the bracelets I received from friends years ago. I love the idea of something physical that can be worn and kept as a token of a relationship, and the somewhat juvenile act of bracelet-making gives feelings of past naïveté and the unshakeable, “forever and always” impression of friendship at a young age.


Bracelets made by the author of “friendshipbracelets.wordpress” for their clients. This is a similar “knitted” effect of typeface to what I wish to create. 


I am going to use the same approach of handmade bracelet weaving for this project and I hope by doing so, I can evoke a similar nostalgic emotion from my audience. I will weave each letter of the alphabet, most likely in upper case since it is easier to achieve this effect without getting too complicated and time-consuming. This project will be both materials-based, as the letters will be made by hand with physical material (string), and modular, as the individual knots when weaving essentially act as modules to make the overall design cohesive.  The various restrictions of my typeface are mostly due to the fact that getting too “fancy” can be very time-consuming and difficult when weaving, so I will probably end up with a maximum grid of 5×5 for each letter.  Because of this, I will probably not use serifs for the sake of simplifying the letters. The process of digitizing the letters will probably involve using a high-resolution scanner to scan the finished “bracelets” (which will probably be a couple of bracelets, 4 if there are roughly 7 letters on each bracelet) and then taking those scans and converting them into high-contrast, high resolution images on photoshop (I am much more familiar with photoshop and do not have home access to illustrator.) Then, the background could either be “erased” and the letters made into pngs so that they show up on the poster regardless of what background I choose, or the background string could remain so that the letters look like they are all weaved together. If I do the latter, I may want to make all the letters with the same color string and the background strings the same color as well (though it could be an interesting design choice to have various colors of string used in combination with each other, this effect could be achieved through photoshop and color correcting later on, so for now I think maintaining a simple, high-contrasting, 2 color palette would be best.)

About Camille Oppedal

20/ aquarius/ college student/ WSU/ Digital Technology and Culture major
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