Alphabet Design Proposal: Sophie Stoltman

For my font project, I wanted to incorporate textures and colors into a more basic block letter font. I plan on creating outlines for all the letters in an uppercase simple design, similar to the Arial bold font when it is enlarged. This is going to be a modular based font because of the use of magazine paper I plan on using. I then want to create a collage to layer behind the cutouts of magazine articles and pictures. I was inspired by these magazine covers and thought the texture from the ripped paper created an interesting effect that would be cool for a font (both found on

I like how raw it looks and I think it will be cool compared to the simple design of the outlined letters I am going to make. I think that using pages that have words on them will be interesting since the words will be on the letters. To make the letters I plan on having them all fit into a uniform rectangle size and I plan on making the width of the letters lines even as well. I am going to use the flatbed scanner to scan all the layered letters. I plan on using Photoshop to isolate the letters and clean up any edges. I feel the most confident doing this using Photoshop and the only way to get all the texture details clearly would be through scanning the letters. Most of this will be done by hand, I will have to make the collage and all the letters out of physical paper and art supplies.

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