Alphabet Design Proposal: Joshua Yi

On the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to organize my alphabet to fit the mood of the creepy and spooky season that is October.  I took classic poetry that focuses on the supernatural such as The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe, and other types of poetry geared towards the macabre.

Taking this inspiration from The Raven, I wanted to shape my alphabets from feathers, raven feathers to be specific.  The poetry is a dark and ominous in nature and I wanted my alphabet to have the same effect.  Not particularity groom and grim, but the emotion it should extrude should be macabre and dark.   The design of the typeface will be material-based font, where the feathers will make the letters of the alphabet.

I will design this font by using one feather of the same size, width, and length to create a consistency throughout my typeface.  The opacity should also be altered in some way so certain elements are not being blocked off by being laid on top of each other.  The color of the raven feather fits perfectly with the standard color of typeface- black.  The intensity of contrast in the details of the feather will take some time to be played around to achieve my end goal.

I will be primarily using illustrator to design and organize my design.  However, previously working with stencils, it would be interesting to see the pattern be created on hand, rather than digitally.  The problem with this method would be manipulating the feather around and creating the template for the stencil altogether.

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