Alphabet Design Proposal: Rachel Bigler

This is the cover of the book Queery Leary Nonsense that was in the MASC

This is a page from Queery Leary Nonsense







For my Alphabet I have been inspired by three different things that I have noticed and would like to try and incorporate into my design. The first thing I was inspired by was the cover of Queery Leary Nonsense compiled by Lady Strachey that we saw in the MASC during our library visit. I really liked the curves of the lettering, I also liked the rounding of edge, which is also seen on another page where the font curves in a spiral.

This is a picture I took on the trails of Kamiak Butte that inspires me

When I saw all this is reminded me of trees and the way the branches can be really twisted and windy so I wanted to base my design off that. I also want this alphabet to have an eerie feel to it because I feel like that is the kind of mood that trees like this give off. That then led to me thinking about what kind of text excerpt I would choose and I instantly thought of a poetry book by Tim Burton called The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories, because he is known for being eerie and dark with his illustrations and concepts, which is the category I could potentially see my typeface falling into. Although I am not sure which poem I specifically want to chose to use my alphabet with I know it will either be “The Pin Cushion Queen” or “Voodoo Girl”.

Overall, I want this too be inspired by the enviroment and have an organic and maybe even hand written look to it (which I will probably need to use the . My plan is to draw each letter out first on lined paper so that I can size it within two or three lines and everything can look somewhat uniform in size , which is a rule I want to set. Another rule for me is I want each letter to have a little ornament or serif, but not overbearing so that they all flow nicely together. For executing this project I plan to use Illustrator to create my typeface because I like the idea of this being a vector graphic, but I want to use Photoshop to create my print out so I might just use that.

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