Alphabet Design Proposal: Lillie Williams

My source of inspiration came from poetry. The text I analyzed before making my alphabet wasn’t poetry, but I wanted to look at a different source of inspiration. I enjoy the proximity between words in poetry, the extra little spacing is pleasant to my eye. Also, the typeface can add details that allows the poem’s content to stand out. The spirit of my chosen text is playful and childlike, it is to be a bit humorous too. This typeface is supposed to tell the story of peanut butter. I want it to emphasize how sticky, gooey, and textured peanut butter is. I was inspired to create this typeface by Shel Silverstein’s poem, Peanut-Butter Sandwich. The typeface makes me feel like it tells a little bit about the poem, before I even read it. I want other readers to experience the playfulness of the poem, not only because of the content, but because of it’s appearance.

This design will be materials based because I want to show the depth of the peanut butter drippings and the texture of the peanut butter chunks. I will have to photograph the peanut butter to really grab the appearance of the chunks and the gooiness of it.

A set of rules I see myself developing to have consistent anatomy is a medium weight throughout the whole letter. It will be sans serif and have a larger kerning for the audience, which is children. Each letter will have a drip like appearance to it as well and the chunks will be apparent. I will also cut out squares that are the same size for each letter so each of them have the same height.

Digital tools I will use to make my design are photography and Photoshop. I will use Adobe Photoshop to enhance the texture and depth of the peanut butter. Elements that I will be creating by hand are all the letters. I will want to make the peanut butter look like it’s dripping, so the surface I put it on will be mobile so I can get this effect.

The effect I want my peanut butter typeface to have, an appearance with drips and stretch.

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