Alphabet Design Proposal: Kim Conway

I have found a quote from the Dalai Lama. I really love this quote, and lately I have been very over stressed with everything I have going on in my life. I have chosen to use this piece of text as inspiration behind what I want my alphabet to have a calming relaxing sort-of feeling.


This is a quote from the Dalai Lama, found on

A Namaste image of relaxation and zen, found on








I dove farther into the text itself and thought to go into the Dalai Lama himself. I will be going with his religion which is Buddhist. I have found another image that goes along with Buddhism of one simple very meaning full word with that religion and the alphabet used for it is sort of what I will be basing my alphabet off of. I have also found a religious text in the Buddhist language. The text appears to be hand-written onto the book, and is beautiful. Although I do not practice Buddhism, I think it is a wonderful practice. I think that mostly its their practices of relaxation and zen that I am drawn to for this part of the project.



This is a religious text in the Buddhist language, found on

I will hopefully be able to follow the module set of rules. I will create a box, and have it be the set size each letter must exist in. I plan on doing a sort of grid maybe and have a set of what each different piece could go in. I plan on working in illustrator and using the pen tool mostly because I am more comfortable working in this program than in any other programs. I will be drawing out what I think each letter should look like. I plan on perhaps only having a set height that the letters will need to be in. Ascenders and descenders will be the same height so as to maintain consistency.


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