Alphabet Design Proposal: Joshua An


The book I am basing this alphabet on.


A possible way I would want this to look like.

The reason I picked playing cards for my alphabet is because of the symbolic role they played in a book I read called, Bingo Palace by Louise Erdrich. The book has a lot of similarities to another book I was reading at the time, The Great Gatsby. Bingo Palace is about a man who returns home and fights for the affection of the woman he loves. He is also competing with another man for her, except his romantic rival is richer and has higher social status.

In terms of font, I plan on using Humanist Sans. I chose this font because I feel it is most simple and geometric font to chose from. I also appreciate what cards symbols in today’s culture. They symbolize gambling, money, and a variety of games.

Cards also mean something to me. When I was younger, something I would always do to pass the time was building card towers. There were also other card games I became obsessed with like Pokemon and Uno.

I wish to scan the cards because I believe it will be the best way to get perfectly flat images of the cards instead of having pictures of the cards at odd angles. I will probably use a resolution-based editing software like Photoshop because I am more familiar will Photoshop over Illustrator. I am currently not sure if I will scan the pictures of cards and then construct the letters later in Photoshop or build the letters in the scanner and scan it that way.

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