Alphabet design proposal: Evan Taylor



“TASTE” painted on a “no parking” street sign


The text source I am using for inspiration is graffiti done by the writer “TASTE” (@tasteburns on Instagram) I would categorize this as an alternative type of text. I really like his style of lettering and his color choice. “Taste” has been one of my favorite writers for the last few years.



“TASTE ” painted on a cargo train


My design will be modular with inspiration from the above pieces with my own style added to it, while also keeping it simple and recognizable. Below is an example of some of my work done a few years ago (on private property).


“Evan” Bellingham, WA


Below is a quick rough draft drawing I made of a possible font. These letters should work together in any formation they might be put in. I wanted to keep it simple with consistent anatomy between each letter. You can see the body of each letter is both thick and thin in, with slanted limbs and a section that hangs off the side of the letter (top right of the A) (top left of K, L, M, N) etc..

I plan on using Adobe Illustrator, I will most likely draw them out by hand before creating them digitally.



rough draft of a possible alphabet 


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