Alphabet Design Proposal: Sulaiman Ambusaidi

My alphabet design is going to be about chemistry. For this design, I got inspired by a poem called “Cool Chemistry.”

Cool Chemistry

’Round a tiny scratch of earth

frosty crystals find their birth

A molecule, then two, then three

bind in six-fold symmetry


echo to infinity

a transient, local victory

over mighty entropy

Oh, how I love chemistry!

Tom Kuntzleman

Spring Arbor, Mich.


Kuntzleman, Tom . “The Poetry Of Science.” Chemical & Engineering News, American Chemical Society, 3 June 2013,

This poem reminds me about my high school. When I was in high school, chemistry was my favorite class. Therefore, I decided to make my font based of chemistry tools. The chemistry tool that I am going to use to design my font is “Molecular Model.”

Picture reference of molecular model (Peter Murray-Rust, Molecular model, 2006,

My alphabet design will be modular. I will make molecular objects using 3D software. Then, I will use photoshop to create the alphabet by using the 3d objects. I will have three different objects as rules to build my alphabet. The three objects are tall molecular, mid size molecular, and small molecular. The final design will be geometric because I will use sphere and cylinder.



An example of alphabet I made using a 3D software called Cinema 4D.

This is an example of my alphabet design idea. I will model each character and render them. I will use photoshop to make the text by placing the characters. I will have a specific size for all characters and they will be placed inside a rectangler shape. This will make it easer for my to place the characters next to each other to make the words.

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