Alphabet Design Proposal: Allison Cissna

For this project I was inspired by creating something more natural and since my soccer season is about to start up again I thought it would be a good idea to use grass as a texture and potentially a block style font since a soccer field is rectangular. Ive seen tons of fonts just like it where it involves grass or dirt so I think this would definitely be doable. The text source I was inspired by is the “Eat Pray Love” book that has font on the front created through organic material. The subject of the book is a romance novel of a women traveling around to just escape the place she used to be in. It sets a very adventurous yet romantic mood which is very interesting. I want the readers to really get a sense of being outside and adventurous along with a romantic feel. I will use a materials based design in order to create the organic shapes but I will also manipulate the shapes in Illustrator. I think using materials for this theme would be the only way to truly capture my idea. I will use my best friends camera in order to capture my images of the grass and then save those on my computer. Once the images are saved then I will mess with them on photoshop to get the right contrast that I think will be a good fit for my font. Then I will use Illustrator to apply the grass texture to my font.


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