Alphabet Design Proposal: Kim Santos

I was very interested in the currency section of the Library’s Manuscripts and Archives collections. I enjoyed the font and visual art that went into a lot of it. It got me thinking about themes and the way you can promote certain things through typography.

A significant issue I hold close to me is coral reefs. As someone who grew up on a tropical island, the ocean is apart of my home, along with the life within it. I thought about ways I could of about this project, thinking about how I can contribute to an issue that really means something to me. I looked through Coral Reef Promotional Posters and noticed that although the images served its purpose, there wasn’t anything that really drew my attention to it. Aside from the colors itself, I didn’t find much appealing.

With this being said, I decided I wanted to base my font creation off of coral reefs. I want to somehow study their anatomy and find a way to form letters from it. I am hoping to utilize it in my very own promotional poster of saving coral reefs. I figured using the coral as the font itself could be analytical in helping show just how important they are.

To execute the assignment, I would start by taking photos of coral and masking them out in Photoshop. I then plan to bring the masked images into Illustrator and use the pen tool to somehow find a way to create letters out of them. I haven’t decided yet if I wanted to do the alphabet in uppercase or lowercase. I’m concerned with how cohesive they all would be based on the way I design them. So, this is something that I will be thinking about as I continuing editing my photos on photoshop.

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