Alphabet Design Proposal: Sara Nielsen

Given my pattern design was more abstract in style, I decided to create a graphic more geometric and structured for the alphabet design project. One of the first lessons I can remember learning in an educational setting is the idea of shapes and colors. In kindergarten my teachers had our class create art out of small cutouts of triangles, circles and squares. My class and I would then move these tiny shapes into one huge image like a mosaic. This summer I also nannied for a 2 year old girl who would play with a geometry shape board that consisted of the same three shapes of the triangle, circle and square. My inspiration for this project came from the idea of incorporating and manipulating those three different shapes in order to create an alphabet.


“Baby Toy Montessori Geometry Shape Board” Source:

I also found two text examples in which different words are manipulated to form a shape. Words such as “thinking,” “creative” and “intelligent” are incorporated to form the shape of a lightbulb. The word “idea” is also printed in red to emphasize the theme of the image. A similar style is used for the second image in which words like “charm,” “kiss” and “romance” are shaped to form a heart. The word “love” is the boldest and printed the largest to display the overarching theme. For my project I want to portray a similar concept in my alphabet. However, instead of using letters to form a shape, I want to use shapes to form letters.

My alphabet will be modular since it is created through the manipulation of 3 different shapes and 3 different colors. Like the image above, the circles will be constructed in red, triangles in yellow, and squares in blue. Color overlap between the different shapes will result in the same reaction that occurs when primary colors interact on the color spectrum. The same three shapes will be used but will be manipulated to create a letter. For instance, a square may be stretched into a rectangle in order to create the side of the letter L.

This project will be constructed primarily through Adobe Illustrator. The digital tools I will use to create this alphabet design will include vector graphics as well as manipulating the scale to turn the primary shapes into readable letters. No aspect of this project will incorporate handwriting, scanning or printing. All elements of my alphabet design project will be manufactured through computer programs.


“Tim Fishlock – Alphabets” Source: Creative&Live

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