Pattern Design Reflection: Lloyd Proctor

The designs and patterns that I created came from unique experiences that I have had and things that I have seen. Most of the shapes that I chose to place in the pattern starting with the first design called seeds, this design was inspired by curtains that were in my aunt’s home. The fabric background was a dark grey tone and a little translucent, but at night everything faded and the fabric blended with the night sky. The seeds came from the idea of growth, more specifically my own personal growth. I chose these colors to represent the night sky and growth, ideally to be used as curtains in a new way. The second design that displays a solid earthy image was inspired by the idea of jewels and imperfection. The continuity of the design represents the continuous desire for perfection, to be that absolute diamond that stands out above all else. This is why I chose the diamond shape, but if you look closely you’ll see that all of them are the same, with different sizes and colors, but they are all occupying the same space and regardless of  appearance differences are truly still the same. The background is bleak  because its means to accent the similarities in the jewels and contrast to embellish their differences in a subtle way. The pattern in the real world would be a poster or framed to be presented on a wall. Its meant to be looked at and interpreted through many individuals eyes to hopefully inspire or make them think pasty superficial expectations with design.


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