Pattern Design Reflection: David Czyzewicz

My first design was inspired by the Stephenson Towers.  One day in class I was looking outside trying to get some inspiration from what I saw.  I looked at the towers for a second and thought about the class conversation on how architecture can sometimes hold hidden patterns.  I looked at the structure for a little longer and saw repeated shapes within the side of the build that included columns encompassing each set of windows, the windows themselves, the roofs above the windows and a column that goes through each column of windows.  For the original color choice I tried using elements from a previous color scheme, I called mossy brick from the last project, due to it being a brick building that inspired the design but then varied it to change the feel.  This original scheme reminded me of the old super mario games or the character of Reptar from the cartoon Rugrats. I ended up switching the color scheme to more imitate the the retro water cups since I liked the seafoam green I had on the sides of the original design and I knew that was similar to the retro design.  If I had to guess where I could see this pattern in the real world it would have to be as the design of an airport’s carpet.

My second design was inspired by my Fraternity’s pledge pin.  I knew that I wanted to find a way to turn this object into a patter.  My original design utilized all of my fraternity’s colors but I did not like the way the colors came across in the original, so I decided to try some variations on the color.  The reason I chose the final colors is because they were all lighter variations and they just reminded me off retro/geometric designs that I have seen on other clothes.  I did not know how I wanted to vary the shapes to improve the design until I had to paint pledge triangles at my house and after I finished painting, I lifted the triangles off the cardboard and found my final inspiration to complete the pattern.  I also wanted to utilize background that weren’t shown much  in the foreground to create depth and uniformity.  I could see this pattern on different pieces of clothing, especially on the pocket on pocket t-shirts or even on blankets.


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