Pattern Design Reflection: Kira Norman


My first pattern design was heavily influenced by pixel art renditions of hourglasses. I came up with this idea one night when I was playing a video game with pixel art graphics and a symbol of an hourglass popped up in the corner whenever a new scene was loading. I thought the pattern idea would be interesting to mess around with. What I noticed as I was finishing up these two variations was that they came to resemble more of a diamond pattern in one and the other color scheme made a series of X’s. I think this is caused by the darker pattern I chose for the first pattern verses the second version. The darker red helped to emphasize it’s own shape and cause the eyes to look for the diamond pattern. I think with the second version, because the diamond shapes are so much lighter than the rest, it comes off as negative space and the X has more emphasis put on it. I saw this pattern as something to be used as a wallpaper pattern or wrapping paper.


This design was more straightforward in it’s reference toward the Adventure Time logo. I decided to try out two different color patterns on a series of sword based imagery. In the first version, the blue squares have the most emphasis put on them, being the brightest color in the pattern. For the second pattern, I used a dark blue color to try and emphasize the negative space a bit more. I also tried to emphasize the box around the sword with a new brighter color. I could see this pattern being used in a children’s book as a pattern page before the book starts or as a digital Coat of Arms.


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