Pattern Design Reflection: Tavia Hall

My plan originally was going to be based off nature and creating flower type patterns. But my plan changed after watching The Quiltmakers of Gee’s Band and I wanted to look more into my roots. The video taught me that things such as quilts don’t have to be perfect in order to tell a story. This can be based on the materials, colors, symbols and etc being used.

Pattern 1

Pattern 1

I’m really fascinated by tribal print because you’re able to use different symbols, lines and shapes to create this complicated but simple pattern. When creating pattern 1 I searched for African symbols that could go into my design. I was able to recreate the “Power of Love” and “Energy” symbol to tie into my pattern. With pattern 1 I drew everything with the paintbrush tool without the help of any stylus. It was hard trying to get everything to look how I wanted it to, but then I remember that it wasn’t meant to look perfect. In regards to the color scheme I was thinking of more earth warm tones because my pattern gave me an organic natural type feel. I had a bit of trouble trying to figure out where the colors should go because a lot of the times the definition of the design would be lost. This is why there’s still some parts that are black. This pattern represents to me as the symbols presented to give off love and good energy to all. You never know what I person is going through, so just expressing those two words can make a difference. To others, I would probably think that they would assume it’s just a regular tribal looking pattern. If they didn’t have any knowledge of what the symbols represented then I couldn’t blame them. But then again a certain shape could look or mean something different to them so you never know what this pattern may represent.

Creative process

Creative process

Pattern 2

Pattern 2

Just by finding information from the first pattern helped me determine my inspiration for the second pattern. Instead of going organic I went geometric which gave me more freedom to make more lines and shapes. A lot of the African jewelry and clothing gave me inspiration for the designs and shapes. The color scheme reminded me of the Wild Thoughts music video. To me, this pattern represents to me as fun and bold especially since the color scheme is kind of random. I feel like others would have the same representation. This pattern didn’t take me that long to create, especially after getting use to the software. Both of these patterns can be used for all different types of things such as clothing, vases, blankets, book covers and so much more.

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