Pattern Design Reflection: Steven McCracken

As a DTC student I’ve always had an interest in graphic design and art in general, and as a result of that I decided to create my own brand freshman year. I started with selling clothing and hope to return to that eventually, but for the time being I’ve been taking commissions through Twitter to make some income. So when we were assigned to create patterns I figured I’d make something related to my brand, that way I could post it and possibly have it used by people. We were also shown a pattern in class as an example where they drew a bunch of characters, and then once it was in the pattern tool you couldn’t tell where the drawings started and ended. After seeing that pattern I knew I wanted at least one of mine to be hand drawn.

mccracken-patterndesign-07Some examples of what I’ve done with my brand, including clothing, album covers and drawings.mccracken-patterndesign-08

Initial drawings for my faces to be used in my first pattern, and then my individual tiles for the second pattern. I initially attempted to redraw the faces in illustrator and color them there but I didn’t love the way they turned out and preferred the hand drawn look. Because of that though I had to color the drawings separately in Photoshop and then transfer them in.


My final plan for these patterns is to release them as phone wallpapers on my Twitter account. I always love to release as much brand related content as possible and so I figured if I could integrate that into a school project then why not.

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