Pattern Design Reflection: Camille Oppedal

My pattern designs were inspired by a personal fascination with spirals. As long as I can remember, I have always found myself gravitating to spiral shapes when doodling and sketching. As a child, I remember staring at the spirals on the bean stalks in my grandma’s garden and finding them strangely beautiful. Then, as a teen ager, I stumbled across the horror graphic novel, “Uzumaki: Spiral Into Horror” and, being an avid lover of mind-bending horror, the concept really stuck with me. The premise of the story is that a town slowly becomes obsessed with spirals, where individual citizens begin to either fear the shape or worship it. The author, Junji Ito, is known for his cerebral and unique depiction of horror through unexpected means, and I was particularly fascinated by how he was able to turn a geometric shape into something terrifying. I also drew some inspiration from more historial references, like the ancient Sicilian and Celtic symbol of the Triskele/Triskelion. I find the balance of simplicity yet intricacy really visually interesting in this symbol, and I wanted to emulate a similar level of abstractness in my patterns. I also noticed that one of my patterns made me think of an octopus, so I used an aquatic color pallet to further this conotation. I also used one of my favorite posters in my room of a black cat with a spiral tail as inspiration for both shape and color in one of my initial designs.

I can see my “octopus” pattern being used for wallpaper or possibly fabric designs. I can see my wave pattern as detailing on graphics and other pieces, because I think it’s a bit too busy and can be overwhelming to the eyes when used alone.


About Camille Oppedal

20/ aquarius/ college student/ WSU/ Digital Technology and Culture major
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