Pattern Design Reflection: Sulaiman Ambusaidi

I took these pictures in Lewson garden in Pullman.

For my first pattern, I got inspired by the flowers I found in Lewson garden here in Pullman. I went to Lewson garden and I found a lot of kinds of flowers. I decided to make my pattern based on these flowers. Also, I made my color schemes from these flowers. I liked how the combination of the colors from nature so I decided to make all of my color schemes based on these colors.





Flower Spread Pattern

This is my first pattern called it “Flower Spread Pattern.” I made this pattern based on the flowers I took in the Lewson garden. I made it with flower shape that I got inspired from the small white flowers from the reference image. The colors I made are all from the reference image and I chose them because the represent nature and the work well with each other. This pattern can be used in products that made from flowers.


Flower Spread Pattern 2

I took this picture of a fabric using my phone.

This fabric inspire me to make my second pattern which I called “Fabric Waves Pattern.” I took this picture while I was in my art class doing my fabric project. I found this pattern interesting so I decided to made one based of it. Also, I decided to add wave like shape to make it more interesting.






Fabric Wave Pattern

I made this pattern based on my fabric image and I called it “Fabric Wave Pattern.” I first created a fabric like pattern without the wave look so I stopped thinking for minutes and I decided to make it looks like a wave. I use the wave distortion in illustrator. This distortion helped me make my rectangle looks like a wave. Then, I copied the shape several times and stacked them together to make this pattern. This pattern can be used in fabric products or fabric packaging.

Fabric Wave Pattern 2

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