Pattern Design Reflection: Joshua Yi

I started off this pattern by finding color palettes I liked.  My favorite color is pink so naturally my first color palette was going to be shades of pink like I did previously in the last part.  The second palette, I had some trouble finding a theme in the color scheme.  I was experimenting with hues and I found that I really liked pale colors so I decided to use pale hues of red, yellow, green, blue, and gray.  I was thinking about incorporating purple but I liked the pale gray in this palette better.

Both themes of the pattern was personal.  I wanted them to display who I was as a person.  The first pattern is based on the crest of my family’s surname: Yi.  My last name has a rich background in Korean history, dating all the way back to the foundation of the Joseon Dynasty.  I took homage to the family crest and took my spin on it by designing the flower from a hexagonal base.  Surprisingly, the color palettes had an opposite effect in their purpose.  I thought the pink intensity palette should be more spring like and vibrant but the gray background bases the pattern in more stern way.  In comparison, the pale blue color really makes the flower pop in the other design, something I wasn’t expecting to happen.

Pale Fever Flower

Pink Intensity Flower

For my second pattern, I wanted to shy away from just using shapes and polygons.  I had an interest in using letters for my pattern, but something unique.  So I took the Korean Characters and spelled my Korean name for this pattern.  I took out the fill for the circular characters and only used stroke, like how traditional Korean Characters are.  For the pale fever palette, it came out very playful, like a palette for a kid’s show or book.  The pink intensity palette in the other hand was more like a mature book cover.  Overall, I was very pleased with this design.

Pale Fever Korean Name

Pink Intensity Korean Name

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