Pattern Design Reflection: Riley Cagle

Artboard 1

Aqua Waves

Artboard 3

Green Spiral

Artboard 4

Warm Golf

Artboard 5

Cool Golf

The first two patterns were inspired by my love of water. I used a wave-like shape and used cool colors for both. The color choices were more blue and aqua for the first, and more greens in the second, both cool colors though. I wanted to create a pattern that flowed through the whole art board and had a sense of unity with the colors, and not to much contrast. I feel both represent that. I see these in the real world as a outdoor table cover, on a portable pool or even a child’s swimsuit.

For My second pattern, I used a more geometric shape that was inspired to me by the great game of golf. I didn’t want to make it to busy due to the openness of the golf course, and I also wanted the sharp edges to differentiate from the first pattern. The colors for the first are all warm and bright colors to represent the summer time in which the game is played. Unlike the first two designs matching, these two contrast each other. The second design has very dark and cool colors. I wanted to do a color scheme away from the bright colors and the cool golf design is in high contrast to the warm golf design. I can maybe see these designs on socks or maybe some crazy shorts. Cool Golf might go well for a carpet design in a building.

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