Pattern Design Reflection: Whitney Demarest

I LOVE blankets. For this assignment, I wanted to create a pattern that could be transformed into a heavy knit fabric blanket that would then be sold at a place like Target or Home Goods. My personal style is reflected through Scandinavian culture, so I pulled inspiration for the Scandinavian-esk pieces in my own home.

The pictures below are what I used for inspiration within my two patterns.


Pattern Inspiration


For my first pattern titled “Butterscotch Knit”, I specifically used elements from the cactus, and yarn wall hanging photos to guide my design. The circle and unique hand drawn half circles that make up the horizontal white lines and outer rings of the circle are the abstract representation of the cactus, while the white strands in the tapered shape of a “V” represent the yarn wall hanging.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 11.18.26 AM.png


Butterscotch Knit By: Whitney Demarest

In order for this design to translate into a cozy blanket, the color had to be carefully selected. While the yellow is still vibrant, it is a color with a low saturation, as are most of the colors in the pattern. Blue is traditionally a cool color, opposite from yellow which is warm, but the value of the blue lends itself better to the warm color family in this case.  The overall pattern has a muted saturation. I purposefully chose colors that were not complimentary because I didn’t want there to be a stark contrast in the colors, and wanted to evoke a warm and cozy feel. While the plaid inspiration isn’t highlighted in this pattern, I utilized two different background colors of varying navy values to give a subtle nod to the plaid inspiration. Using the two navy values gives the pattern a more randomized and abstract feel.

This pattern went through several version… below are the first two that I worked on. The first I think is over complicated and too abstract, while the second is too simple and expected. the “Butterscotch Knit” pattern I featured above is a good balance of these two trial versions.










This second pattern iteration takes more inspiration from the knit blanket, and plaid textile photos. If I had to pick which design I would rather see translated into a blanket, it would be the previous design, but I still think this version is an interesting interpretation.


Blanket Pot Pie By: Whitney Demarest

This pattern titled, “Blanket Pot Pie” got it’s name because of the way the blanket knit pattern I created in the shape of a triangle similarly represents the classic shape of a chicken pot pie. I created the plaid pattern for the inside triangle, as well as the knit pattern that encompasses the various triangles. It uses the same color scheme as the previous design.

I made versions of the two featured designs in a different cotton candy-esk color scheme. I wanted to use colors completely opposite of what I used above, so I went with the main colors of pale pink, blue, and purple. These colors are all next to each other on the color wheel, and with the exception of the bright pink and white, are all within the same dull saturation range. These colors don’t lend themselves very well to the Scandinavian feel I was wanting to achieve, but they offer good contrast to my preferred color scheme.

Laffy Taffy Knit By: Whitney Demarest

Blanket Candy By: Whitney Demarest

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