Pattern Design Reflection: Jessica Colvin

My designs are inspired by two different companies that my friends and I are starting.  My first design is made for a company called SparkThinks.  It’s an online tech blog and it needed a logo and some pattern design to use as background fills online.  The shape for this design was inspired by a spark.  From there I created two different styles of sparks to fit with this assignment and to allow my team to choose which one they felt best represents the company.

SparkThinks logo for warm organic feeling pattern.

In this logo design I wanted to capture the underground/based-out-of-our garage feel of our company.  This is why I picked a warm muted color pallet and added this messy organic feeling outline.  The two colors on the shape along with the outline I think help give this image the motion that a real spark would have.





SparkThinks logo, cool electronic colors for pattern

In this logo design I wanted to capture and exciting youthful electronic/online feel so I picked colors that are bright and vibrant and altered the outline to be more angular and less organic.




In the final patterns for these two designs I tilted them to accentuate the feeling of motion.

SparkThinks final warm organic pattern.

SparkThinks final bright electronic pattern.










My second design is for a company called 457 Kits who makes electronic build-able kits for kids.

Yellow green color scheme pattern for 475Kits

Blue color scheme pattern for 475Kits

This pattern has a big story behind it.  Basically, our company structure was breaking down because we have three dominate personalities that were tearing the team apart until we added another member who literally stood between us and calmed the situation down.  In this pattern I tried to capture that by having the small circles stand between and act as a buffer zone between the larger circles.  The lines I added to show how the team is all connected, but only through the help of the small circles.

My color schemes are general electronic/tech color schemes that our currently popular in kids toys.  One I leaned more towards blue and one I leaned more to the green/yellows.  These patterns will be used on packaging material and in backgrounds on websites.
Personally, I prefer the blue pattern, I like how bold it is and how much the little circles pop, but for the purpose of packaging that needs to have text over it, the yellow/green pattern will be better because it is a bit more muted and the lighter color will make text easier to read.

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