Katrina Bittner: CDSC- Creative Commons Workshop Extra Credit Write Up

The creative commons workshop was a very valuable and interesting workshop that helped refresh me on my knowledge of copyright laws. This workshop relates to our class because when you are creating a website, you must understand where your images/ videos/ creative content is coming from and if it is available for use. Otherwise your website would be taken down and you are taking credit for someone else’s work. This is especially relevant when designing websites, where you would be taking images from the Internet to use in a website. Many DTC and English courses require that you are familiar with copyright laws, and that you use them as though you are a professional and not a student. It is important to understand where someone’s work is coming from, and how you can use it. I really enjoyed this workshop, even though it was all review for me. Last year we went to the same room in the library and had the exact same presentation. I really only remember this, because of the drawing that the librarian used as an example. Even so, I still thought the workshop was interesting and helpful. I think that it is always important to review copyright laws as they change often, are easy to get confused, and are very important for creative work. This workshop helped remind me that I really need to pay better attention when using someone else’s work and make sure that they have deemed it okay to use or remix.

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