Point, Line, Plane: Kira Norman


One of my favorite aspects of photography is the use of negative space and lines. In two of my pictures, the blue lit one and the construction zone, I made it a point to highlight the geometry in the area. The lines from the blue lit one go straight up and down while the lines in the construction zone seem to angle all over the place, but somehow remain spaced correctly.

The picture I took of the two guys diving off that cliff (from a trip to the Caribbean) makes excellent use of negative space! The cliff is contrasted harshly by the ocean and horizon line. I may just be stretching it a bit but there are also hints of point in the construction scene in the with the traffic lights. Though they might not be the focus of the picture I still find them to be important. If this photo was cropped a bit more then it would definitely be the focus.

The space and volume of each photo is different. Like I said earlier, the negative space in the cliff picture is clear and is spaced in such a way that the cliff stands out. in the second picture, I would say that the way the room is built helps evenly space out the lines of the lights. The third picture has a lot going on in it. There are obvious parts like the lines from the cranes and building infrastructures but the bus and street also play a large role in the dynamic nature of the photo.

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