Point, Line, Plane: Kim Santos

02This photo is an example of a point in space. If you ignore the magnet, that I could not for the life of me get off on my door, it is a clear focal point and contrasts well from the door itself. Although color does not really contribute to this contrast, the space around the point does this well because of the geometric embossed elements. The point is round and stands out.


This photo is a simple example of a line. A line can be straight or curved. If there is a beginning and an ending it is a called a line. It can be put together with other lines & still be a line. It is a combination of many points. It can be thick or skinny. It can be a positive mark or a negative gap. In this picture there are horizontal lines & vertical lines. There are many lines in this picture as you can tell. The lines can combine to be even more lines. Almost everything in this picture is a line because lines are combined points.


For plane, I took a photo of my Rubik’s cube. This example of a plane is made up of a height and width with the same measurements, creating a perfect square. Of course it is obvious because it is made up of smaller individual squares which along with it, create lines and form a structured pattern.

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