Point, Line, Plane: Sulaiman Ambusaidi

This example I took in my apartment’s wall.

This picture is a good example to represent a point in space. I found this pin in my apartment and I hang it in the wall to represent the point. I found that the wall can be a free space that can make the point contrasted from the background. This point represents a position in space as it said in the book “Graphic Design: The New Basics.” The point is the first step to make any shape or volume.



I took this picture while I was walking to the campus.

This example represents a line in space. The line must have at least two points. One point is the beginning of the line and the other one is the end of the line. In this example, I choose a straight line however the line can be curved. The line is the element that made the shapes which all shapes made with several lines. However, lines are made with points so points are the first element to start any shape.




I took this picture in my apartment while I was working on my computer.

This is an example of a plane. I think this paper is representing the plane because it is flat and has hight and width. plane can represent a shape. In this case, it represents rectangular shape. To make a plane, you need to have at least three lines and three points. This example made up with four lines and four points. The plane can also make the space and the volume of thee dimensional objects.

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