Point, Line, Plane: Joshua Yi

The jack point of my earphones 

The reading says the point marks the position in space and multiple points make up a line.  It says that a point is a period, the end of a line.  In a case of my earphones, all the focus and the source of the line (the earphone itself), the center is the jack point.  The point is also very geometric.  The point itself is flat, but uniformed.  It is symmetrical and provides a hard surface.

Tiles on a bathroom floor

In a case of a line, it is made up by series of points.  It appears at the edges of planes, tiles in this case.  The tiles are separated by many lines, creating a pattern.  The lines in these tiles are solid, not implied, meaning they are in the positive space.  These lines are very geometric, straight lines.  They are uniformed, hard, and provides as the edge of the plane.  Lines can be curved, creating more organic look but these tiles are designed to be straight.  It is easy in this pattern to see the two points that connect the line together.

My mousepad

My mousepad is made up of lines and points, creating height and width.  The lines make up the edges, but it is a soft plane.  The points are not sharp and hard, but more curved, creating more of an organic shape.  It is a solid, filled, plane.  No negative space is apparent and it is very flat.  The edges are worn out, creating a tattered irregular look to it.


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