Point, Line, Plane: Steven McCracken

For my three photos I looked around my house for some items that represented the various aspects best. The first photo I chose to take was of a thumbtack stuck in my wall, which I believe represents the idea of a point well. If the entire wall was a plane in this situation then the thumbtack would be a single point on the wall, with only x,y coordinates and nothing else.


For the next photo I chose my headphones laying on my bed, which I think represents the idea of a line well. Although its not a perfect straight line, and the plug on the end doesn’t really work, the cord itself could definitely be considered a line in my opinion. It goes from one point to another, and has length, but doesn’t have any breadth.


For my final item I chose a book that I had on my shelf. In this case the whole book wouldn’t be considered a plane obviously since it’s three dimensional, but the front and back covers I would definitely consider planes, since they’re flat and extend over a distance having both width and length.


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