Point, Line, Plane: Joshua An

The first picture of took was of the sun. I did not take this picture with this assignment in mind. I saw how red the sun was and wanted to take a picture. I then realized that the sun acts as a point in the sky. The function of a point is to mark a position in space. I believe the sun marks its position in the sky or space. Another reason why the sun is the point in the sky is because of how much it contrasts from its surroundings. Its colors and brightness both differ from its surroundings.

The second picture is of the parking lot at my apartment complex. I never thought of any parking lot as a line, but it is a series of points (cars). A viewer will easily be able to indicate each individual point. The line in this photo is broken because not every parking space is filled, but that will not always be the case.

The third picture is of the outside wall of the Chinook. This picture is a representation of plane because it extends in both height and width, but has a flat surface. Walls are considered physical planes. This wall is a collection of shapes on this flat plane.

The final picture is of one I took on the Terrell Mall. This photo is similar to one in the reading called, Parallel Lines Converge: Summer Underwood. This photo is able to enclose three-dimensional space and has volume. This photo’s most highlighted feature is its depth.


The sun shining through the smokey sky.

A line of cars in the parking lot at my apartment complex.

The outside wall of the Chinook on campus.

The middle of the Terrell Mall.

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